Resident Care

We provide a variety of resident services, including:

  • The Nursing department provides twenty-four hour nursing care. 
  • We are staffed by Registered Nurses or Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Resident Care Attendants, Activity Assistants, Housekeepers, Kitchen Assistants, Cooks, Maintenance, Laundry and Clerical Staff.  Our staff are friendly and eager to assist in any fashion.
  • We provide client centered care and value resident/family input and participation in developing a care plan that guides staff in the care they provide.
  • Each resident is provided with services from a Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, and Dental Hygienist.
  • For a set fee, a Foot Care Nurse can be arranged to attend to foot and toenail issues.
  • Family physicians are encouraged to visit residents; the nurses are able to contact physicians for resident concerns during their office hours.
  • Nurses administer all medications as per the orders of the family physician.  
  • Assisted bathing is performed in our easy access bathtubs or for those that are independent there is a shower available.
  • Each resident room is equipped with a Nurse Call bell.
  • To assist in keeping residents safe who may wander away from the Home, our exit doors are alarmed, the front entrance door requires a number code for exit from the Home, and we utilize a wander guard system.
  • Visitors are welcome and we have no restrictions to our visiting hours.  At night the doors are locked for security, but there is an intercom at the front entrance where visitors can call for entry.
  • Influenza immunization is provided to the residents.  We require that visitors also be immunized against influenza or wear a mask in the Homes between November and March.
  • Residents who have an infectious illness may be asked to stay in their rooms for several days to prevent the spread of the illness to others.  Visitors who are ill should not visit until their symptoms resolve.
  • Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms. Residents can bring some items of furniture that will fit the size of their room.
  • All linen is supplied and laundered by the Homes.  Resident’s personal laundry can be laundered by the Homes or by the family.
  • Pets are welcome to visit as long as they are well behaved, leashed, immunized and free of illness.
  • Residents are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages.  Purchasing of such beverages is the responsibility of the resident or their family members.
  • There is no scent, powders or smoking allowed at our Homes.